Five Benefits of Sending a Letter over an Email

We live in a digital age of electronic communication, our phones always buzzing, our emails constantly pinging. In fact, you might sometimes think that old school pen and ink might be dead.

While we love the digital landscape and all it offers, sometimes you can’t beat going to the mailbox and finding a personal letter, written just for you.

Here, we compile our top five reasons why your business should ensure that letter writing is a key part of your communications plan:

  1. The recipient actually reads it

With so many companies using emails to send their communications, people are overwhelmed with digital content to get through. Sending a letter might mean you are one of four, rather than one of four hundred.

Promotional emails often go into a recipient’s email under ‘spam’ – meaning they’ll never read it anyway. Sending a letter can mean that your key messages are read rather than binned.

  1. More personal

Letters can be more personal than an email, not just because they are often handwritten, but also because you know that someone has taken the time to write it, stuff the envelope and go to the post-box.

Personalising the letter and envelope can help to build a friendly relationship with the person opening it, even though you don’t always know each other.

  1. More permanent

While an email will probably get lost into the internet ether, a letter is more permanent and can be stored for years to come.

Emails are more transient and are often forgotten about once they are read, while letters can keep your brand or business front of mind for longer.

  1. Affordable

Email campaigns can be costly because you need to employ a whole host of people – from graphic designers to web development specialists.

Sending a letter is a simpler, cheaper and often quicker solution that doesn’t require any specialist skills.

  1. Accessibility

It may be difficult to believe, but not everyone has the internet. Sending your company communications by post ensures that you don’t miss talking to your loyal customers who aren’t yet in the digital age.

At Charringdene, we have a wide range of traditional business stationery that can make your letters stand out from the crowd. For further information on how we can help your business be remembered, you can visit our website or call us on: 0121 327 8327.